Planning an event?


If you’re hosting a party or celebration there are lots of things you can to do help everyone have a great time without drinking too much.

Here are some tips for being a top host:

  • Offer guests a range of drinks including non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Serve food alongside drinks and have plenty of water on hand.
  • Make non-alcohol drinks fun and appealing to provide a good alternative to alcohol.
  • Only top up empty glasses so guests know how much they’re drinking.
  • Offer low-alcohol drinks and make spirits singles.
  • Consider going alcohol-free, particularly if children are invited. Check here for tips on running alcohol-free events.
  • Plan activities or things to do other than simply eat and drink. People of all ages enjoy games and backyard sports matches.
  • Offer to call a taxi or arrange a ride for guests if they need it to ensure everyone gets home safe.

Young people

If you’re hosting an event for teenagers, remember that it’s illegal to serve alcohol to under-18 year olds without the consent of their parent or caregiver (check here for more details). Get young people involved in the event planning and entertainment and keep an eye on them around alcohol.

Hiring a venue

If you’re hiring a community hall, check if there are any alcohol-related conditions. Some church or school halls have an alcohol-free policy and local council venues may have restrictions.

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